At Sweet Judy Blues, our goal is to produce food of the highest quality using sustainable, holistic methods. A holistic farmer looks not only at immediate results, but also at the big picture: the sustainability of the program in economic, social, and environmental contexts. We see the principles of holistic farming exemplified in the classic family farm.

You may be aware of the way monoculture has damaged America's farmland and deprived our food of valuable nutrients. This is what we want to counteract. We want our produce, livestock, and land to be as healthy as possible for years to come, so we focus on sustainability.

Holistic farming is better for the land and the animals that graze on it. Cattle need a variety of nutrients and minerals to be healthy, and they're all supplied by nature. We monitor the forage on our land to ensure that a bounty of life-giving plants are available for our cattle. Diverse growth is a sign that plant species with varied benefits are available. We practice management-intensive grazing, which means that our cattle rotate to new areas of land frequently so they’re eating the most nutrient-rich forage available. We never feed our cows grain, antibiotics, or anything synthetic, and we don't use pesticides or herbicides of any kind.